THE BLACKENED MUSIC SERIES Presents Watain at Brooklyn Bazaar, June 15 2014


The Blackened Music Series is proud to announce the return of the greatest live show in metal.
Black Metal band Watain has confirmed a very rare performance in Brooklyn, and their only US show this summer. They will presenting their full, arena-sized, wide-scale stage ritual — a harsh and wild ceremony of Blood, Fire, and Death…


Sunday June 15 at The Brooklyn Bazaar

Presented with The Bunce Group, Brooklyn Bazaar and The Northside Festival



If you are not familiar with WATAIN, please let the band explain in their own words:

“Black metal is music for ambitious, large thinking people.*
Satanism is for the elect, an intellectual and religious elite. **
Our whole anatomy, our bones and our spine all relate to one same source: the Satanic ideal. It is diabolical music with magikal and transcendental intent. ***
What we want is chaos, anarchy, disorder, and for the world to go up in flames. This is the reason why the live show has become a mystical or religious experience. It’s also the reason why people are fascinated by this band. ***
I always hated that despicable tongue in cheek attitude of people who are incapable of relating to severity and passion. It is such a human thing to laugh about things you are uncomfortable with or cannot understand. You often get that attitude from the ‘cool’ people, those who live their lives covering up their wounds. You have to suffer in order to understand where we come from. Watain is our vessel of transcendence, our world outside the world of man. If you are unwilling or unable to accept that, then stay the fuck away. This is enemy ground.” ****
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