THE BLACKENED MUSIC SERIES Presents Negura Bunget at Cameo Gallery, April 20 2012

NEGURĂ BUNGET (first ever NYC show)
with Haethen and Din Brad
Friday April 20 at Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn





Negură Bunget formed 18 years ago and this will be their first ever NYC show. Their 2006 masterpiece OM has been called one of the greatest Black Metal albums of al time, and a Top 10 album of the decade. It’s transcendental, spiritual Black Metal which created a new path for bands like Wolves In The Throne Room, Agalloch, and Blut Aus Nord. There’s a dark, thought-provoking, and beautiful magic in their sound, swirling amidst the atmospherics, folk instruments, and aggressive, terrifying vocal passages. “Black metal is for us a spiritual travel,” says leader Negru, who named the band after “a powerful dark presence of an intense nature, connected with the local nature and with its spirit.” Catch their incredible show at this intimate venue.

Listen to the entire album OM here.
Watch Negura Bunget videos here.